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Sports Dentistry and Trauma Rehabilitation All of our patients, regardless of sport, are protected using a pressure laminated sports mouth guard which prevents most catastrophic dental incidences, making the athlete stronger and more coordinated. In the unfortunate event of a traumatic accident, our office is specially trained and has extensive experience in returning the mouth and smile to its original state. This process is performed in the most expeditious and caring manner using the latest technology available. We pride ourselves in returning the smile as quickly as possible without compromising the final result.


We’ve always seen our dental practice as one that combined state-of-the-art technology with a deep caring for our patients overall health and welfare. This site gives us a new way to fulfill our commitments to you.


Our goal is to educate our patients on the importance of good dental hygiene & preventative dental care. We will achieve this by providing a unique dental environment where our patients will not only come to our office at least twice a year for checkups but also look forward to their visits. We take pride in our ability to do invisible dentistry and we will use only the best materials and latest technology. Our exceptional service and value for dental service will exceed patient expectations. We value our patients and will treat them with respect and care for them as our family and friends.


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